Documents for a Chinese Visitor or Tourist Visa

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US and Canada citizens could apply 10-year multiple entries visa for visitor (Q2) or tourist(L).

1) Please download an official China Visa application form - right click to download it - do not fill it online:

Once you have downloaded it to your computer, please fill it with Adobe Acrobat.   Please read the instruction on how to fill the Visa form:

2) One color photo for Chinese Visa.  Chinese Embassy has a very strict policy on the visa photo.  You could take a Chinese visa photo onsite in our office. 

3)  Your passport.   It should be valid for at least 12 months and have at least one blank "visa" page. 

4) A photocopy of your passport ID page that shows your name, photo, passport number and expiration date.

5) A photocopy of your last Chinese visa if you had.

6) If you were born in China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau) and there is no previous Chinese visa on your current passport, you are required to submit your original Chinese passport or a photocopy of last foreign passport with a previous Chinese visa.

7) For a child born in US, please include the following extra documents:

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate,
  • Photocopies of both parents' passports ( the ID page),
  • Photocopies of both parents' green cards.  

8) Additional documents required:

Q Visa:  for a short-term relative visiting visa (Q Visa) application, please provide the following two documents:

·         An invitation letter from a relative in China.

·         A photocopy of your relative’s national ID issued by China (front and back).

L Visa: for a tourist visa application, please provide the following documents:

·         a flight itinerary

·         a hotel reservation

9) For a Canadian citizen/other country citizen, please include a photocopy of your US visa or your green card.

(10) Register online first:

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any question.